ReGarden Nation – what is THAT about?

Alright, interwebs, it’s time for me to get on the scene. My name is Ariel, and in addition to being a writer for your reading delight, I am an educator, edible landscaper, entreprenuer, and engager. That last one I define loosely as rabble-rouser/discussion-instigator/be-in-your-virtual-face purveyor of food for thought. 

And what is this concept, this name, ReGarden Nation?

Well, friends, ReGarden Nation is an reference to our common roots as gardeners. Before globalization allowed us to have an Ecuadorian banana with some Sebastopudlian yogurt with a sprinkling of puffed quinoa from Peru, we had a connection to our food that was intimate. If we weren’t growing it ourselves, we knew the person that was, and that created a mutually supportive community. A Nation.

My thoughts on the current global situation of humans living beyond our means, as individuals, as stewards of our race, and as stewards of the land and creatures, is that we can begin the healing process by cultivating this connection to the basic give and take we engage with daily. Eating.

For some, their ritual is very meticulous, from where they get the food, how they clean it, prepare it, serve it, and eat it. For others, they know what they like, they find the place where it’s prepared to their liking, and they eat it, perhaps while catching up on the days events with friends or from the media. And there are others still, like me, that gain even deeper appreciation for their food, by caring for its growth, through maturation, harvesting it at the right time, and sharing it with loved ones scant minutes or hours after it was living.

Yes, it is certainly time consuming. Yes, for many, they can learn to appreciate food even if they don’t grow it. And yes, there are options for being intimately connected to the growing process without doing it yourself. Isn’t that great?!?!

Well reader, I am here to help deepen that connection. I am undertaking this blogging project so I am pushed to reflect on what I am learning everyday. From the garden, from my neighbors, from the internet community, from my entrepreneurial endeavors.  The urge to express is all in us, and for too long, I have had pieces of me jotted down in a half dozen notebooks, in cards to friends, in projects for others, without coming home to my own space for reflecting.

Here it goes.



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