Notes of the New- LA, internship, & garden clients!

A lot has been happening for Regarden Girl. After moving to Los Angeles a little less than a month ago, I began an internship with the Motor Avenue Improvement Association. I motored over to their farmer’s market spot early yesterday morning to meet the market director and two other brand-spanking new interns. We got the grand tour of the block-long market, meeting vendors, market muscles Juan and John, and getting introduced to the political scene surrounding the market. I was impressed by how many kid activities were available, and then I got to get up close and personal – working the jolly jumper (aka jumpee) for the first two hours. It was a little slow at first, but by the end of the day, it brought in enough to pay for itself, which was a first (!). It was a great chance to talk with the waiting parents about their experience with the market, which is totally my target audience. My position will be strengthening the connection between the school gardens and the market. The other interns look to be great connections, one being a native to the area, the other having been here for a while and very interested in gardening.

Today I connected with the third promised garden client, and she was really jazzed about the garden possibilities. We scouted out a good spot, and discussed materials, content, and management. She has a daughter my age that loves to cook, a son who started a little gardening at his place down the street, and other family is close as well. It looks very promising. I have a lot of drawing to do, which I’m stoked for. My first garden client and I will get planting in her new 60 sq. foot garden bed on Friday. Very exciting! Pictures to come!Motor Avenue Farmer's Market

Signing off for now, with a promise to make posts more frequent. ¡Chao amigos!


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